De Hofstee is a dental centre  for referrals of children under the age of 12.

About us

Does your child have special dental care needs? Because he is afraid of going to the dentist, has many cavities or has another problem that your own dentist can’t solve?

We provide excellent dental care and minimize the pain, anxiety and trauma for your child.

De Hofstee is a dental practice for referrals only. This means that we only treat a child if your own dentist refers him to us. If possible, we will refer your child back to your own dentist after treatment.

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Our centre

From the brushing-your-teeth area to the treatment rooms, from the waiting area to the recovery rooms, there are cheerful colours, animals and drawings everywhere to help your child to relax.

Our specialists will do their best to make your child feel comfortable. We take plenty of time to get to know your child and the problem. Together we will go for the best treatment.

Most children are particularly afraid of the dentist’s chair. Colourful pictures on the ceiling will distract their attention. And our specialists will skilfully guide your child through the treatment.

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Where to find us

Our dental practice is located in Hoorn on the Nieuwe Steen 3 opposite the Rabobank.

Free parking on our premises. Public transport: buses 11, 131, 415 and 636 from Hoorn railway station. The stop is called Stadhuis.

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